woof .. finally done!

note1 : I was reluctant at first to do this one , because it’s based so much on my own headcanons, like we don’t know for sure if Eren really haven’t seen Mikasa’s tattoo before , and Mikasa’s feelings about it too.

it’s just that I’ve always wondered what she feels about her origins and all , since we don’t see her think much about herself , and I’m not saying that this is how I analyze what she feels in canon or  anything , it’s just a “what if”.

note2: there’s this awkward part where Eren sees Mikasa’s tattoo and I didn’t know what the hell to put as a specific reaction because I don’t know what the hell is Mikasa’s tattoo! .. so I just played it around XD

note3: Eren and Mikasa hugging is very important to me ! :3 

sorry for long LONG  post ~ ^^;


Love is not always simple…and misunderstandings can break hearts



(I took an angsty prompt, put it on the angst train, and chugged its ass to angstville. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write fluff and lots of it…)

Being with Mikasa was less like crawling on broken glass and more like crawling over it, grinding down on it until it was embedded into his damn bones, and then lighting himself on fire.

Yeah. That was more like it.

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